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We are a small varied team of people who came together under one shared goal. To create innovative, ethical, natural based, safe products. As we evolved more people shared our vision and our team grew larger and now ranges from creative dreamers and helpful advisors to material scouts and experts in cosmetology, nutrition, natural perfumery, cosmetic production, marketing and design.


Our story begins when we decided to make a natural, tinted lip balm,for our own use.

 We started by researching recipes and ingredients and in our search we found lipstick ingredients and lipstick color pigments that ranged from non edible to harmful or absolutely disgusting insect derived. We ended up puzzled if no totally averted to using lipstick or tinted balms, ever again.

 In our research we found that for centuries lipstick users, whether aware or unaware have been troubled with all sorts of health hazards related to their lipstick use.

 We found it hard to believe that in such an advanced society this kind of sacrifice is needed in the name of beauty. We decided, coming from the land where the goddess of beauty Aphrodite emerged, we should rebel in the name of beauty. It was clear, since then that our revolution should only focus on the solution, namely the creation of a safe and natural lip colouring product.

 By spending hours, days and months researching and formulating we managed to overcome this difficulty and achieve vibrant sheer color pigments using only fruit and vegetable based color pigments.

We blended them with skin protective nourishing and repair edible ingredients and developed our unique products.

 Liptales differs from any other average corporate brand product for at least one main reason, we did not    create products intended to reach the market. We created for our own personal use, as we could not find any other product, in the market, that satisfied our demand.

 Creating from the eclectic, high standards consumer role is usually a far more demanding task than any corporate quality target can match.

 Our product reached the market once we had one too many requests for making it available to the public.